e-Business Kit 7 - DAY 7

e-Business Kit 7 - DAY 7 is when we start using the SBI!'s SEHQ Brainstorm and the Keyword Value Tasks to find keywords that will bring traffic to our pages. I can't say I totally understand what this means but reading DAY 7 further will definitely help me understand.

That said, there are many ways to build free, targeted traffic. Publishing high-value content pages and creating an engaging social media presence are only two out of many other ways to attract visitors. "... new pre-customers who discover our site, read our content, become PREsold and, one day, decide to monetize." 

Your e-Business from SBI!

Remember "THIRD, use research tools to eliminate guesswork" from e-Business Kit 1 - DAY 1? I do because I did it the other way around. Mind you, it doesn't mean my site is a complete failure, it means I personalized it. Yep!

It means that, instead of using Brainstorm and the Keyword Value Tasks to find keywords that will bring traffic, I chose my Tier 2 keywords, then brainstormed each and every one of them and then created Tier 3 content pages under each of my Tier 2 content pages.

My goal was and still is about "Discovering the many aspects that characterize Montreal and Montrealers." Aspects, issues and matters associated with Montreal Business, Global, Island, Professionals, Tourism and Urban Kits along with a Blog Kit, a Club Kit and a Shopping Kit.

DIY e-Business Kit 7

Is social media traffic important? Yes, says/writes SBI! Solo Build It! Action Guide, and for two reasons, traffic and trust. A strong social media presence generates traffic and strengthens the trust and likability of an excellent site content

What are your plans for creating diversified sources of targeted traffic? I find this question very interesting and very appropriate for many reasons including the fact that my master's essay was about Montreal Twin Cities.

Plus, my Montreal Kits monetization model is about suggesting (and selling) Montreal local products and services, along with Montreal exports and imports mostly to and from United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, China and Japan. Why? Because it is with these countries mostly that Montréal and Québec do business on a regular basis. 

Build Free Traffic From a Variety of Sources
Traffic is the lifeblood of your business

e-Business Kit 7 - DAY 7 has a section called "Grow your traffic with passive social media marketing." A section that caught my attention a lot because of the two aspects of "doing social" on our site, passive and active since both help bring traffic to our site and help grow our reputation. 

Passive social such as adding Facebook Like buttons (on the left handside of this site) and/or Pinterest Save Buttons to the images on our pages. SBI! Solo Build It! Action Guide enables us, SBIers to add a Socialize It! button all our pages. Buttons that let our visitors share our pages with their friends on their favorite social network.

Active social is discussed during e-Business Kit 8 DAY 8. 


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Montreal BLOG Kit
e-Business Kit 7 by Rachel Louise Barry

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Discovering the many aspects that characterize Montreal and Montrealers