e-Business Kit 2 - DAY 2

An e-Business Kit 2 - DAY 2 followed by 8 other e-Business Kits since Ken Evoy's Solo Build It! Action Guide is divided into 10 days, or 10 months or 10 years, whatever suits your needs. Ten specific goals and one action guidance to read, to watch or to listen to.  

Solo Build It! Results

The reason I'm doing this, writing about this series of 10 is, I never completely and thoroughly read this SBI! Action Guide I paid for year in, year out. A very reasonable price in US$, the same amount since the beginning of SBI! but still... So, let's catch up together, one day at a time.

Your e-Business from SBI!

That said, e-Business Kit 2 - DAY 2 starts with "the content we create about each page must focus on a keyword specific to our niche." A keyword with a high value demand, a low real supply and a tool called Brainstorm It!

This shows you how technical and how skillful Solo Build It! is. And this is only one example. SBI! has a specific purpose, a clear-cut direction and the positive results it produces can also be yours if you ever subscribe.

550x424Health Care workers prepare to carry out drive-through tests for COVD-19 in Côte-Saint-Luc - Montreal Gazette

DIY e-Business Kit 2

SBI! suggests we develop three site concepts so we can compare. Our first concept could have great potential, our second could be a loser and our third could be one in-between.

A site concept can be an answer to a problem or a story to tell or...  Brainstorm It! and the Master Keyword List are the tools offered by SBI! to brainstorm and analyze many different keywords related to our site concept. 

My site concept has always been Montreal, the City and the Island of Montreal. Kit has more than one definition including "a set of things" or K.I.T. for Keep in Touch!

That part I did right, what I did wrong was create 10 different sites instead of the 10 different sections that now divide the Montreal Kits of today. Not a very good business decision and an expensive one at that.

550x447Outdoor clinic at Montreal's Place des Festivals - Radio- Canada

Develop Your Best Site Concept
Your business success rides on this decision

I quite enjoyed the bricks and mortar part though. Like I already mentioned, I was a bit delinquant in my "nobody was going to tell me what to do!" approach. I left DAY 2 and jumped to DAY 6 called "Build a Site that Gets the Click."

I worked hard on that part though. SBI! offers a section called "Site Designer" and it was as if I was learning how to draw. No talent though, but I enjoyed that part a lot. Eventually I met a a graphist who, unlike me, had talent. I asked him to create a "Montreal Kits signature" and he did.

Solo Build It!

His name his Maxime Depasse and he's on Facebook.

Back to e-Business Kit 2 - DAY 2 and to "after any Brainstormer query, you end up at a Master Keyword List" where supply is evaluated, where demand is evaluated and where the profitability of our site concept is also evaluated.

In short, our site concept must be in demand, must not be too broad or too narrow, must excite us, must be synchronized with the available time we have and must deliver a high Return on Investment (ROI) potential. 

How do we do this, simple, we follow the Yellow Brick Road ... the Blue Road!

For the First Time Ever!

These are challenging times and - like you - we want to do our part to help. Given the nature of our product Solo Build It!, we can help best in one area - providing a way for the millions of people who are now out of work to rebuild lost income.

For the first time in our history, we're offering both annual AND monthly SBI! and SBI! for WP subscriptions at a reduced introductory price, a price at which we don't make money.

Introductory Pricing Details

SBI! Annual: $199 (regular price $299)
SBI! Monthly: $19.99 (regular price $29.99)

SBI! for WP Annual: $99 (regular price 149$)
SBI! for WP Monthly: $9.99 (regular price $17)

* Upon renewal after one year the regular price applies.

While starting a business may not bring in income overnight, over time it can, especially when guided step-by-step through a proven business building process while using the right tools to help you get there.

Montreal BLOG Kit
e-Business Kit 2 by Rachel Louise Barry

Solo Build It!

Discovering the many aspects that characterize Montreal and Montrealers