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Dwellings Definitions

Dwellings definitions as in buildings or places where people reside. A dwelling is an habitation, a place in which people live while a house is a structure that serves as a building and as a place where to reside.

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Apartments in a Condominium

An apartment in a condominium or, a unit in a condo building owned by one owner. Co-owners who share responsibility for the running costs of co-ownership as well as for the common elements owned jointly by the owners. 

Common features may or may not include a business hall, a function room with or without a kitchen,  a gym, a library, a sauna, a security service, a swimming pool, an underground parking, WiFi, ...

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The most expensive and most prestigious houses are two-story penthouses or apartments on the top floors of a building with at least two sides view and walls covered with wood or stones.

These apartments have a fireplace, a glass roof, a hot-tub, lots of floor area, master suites, office space, several bathrooms, a terrace, over sized windows and special features such as a kitchen equipped with the most modern technology.

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Profit Buildings

In the province of Quebec, the owner of a profit building can occupy one of the apartments and rent all the others. A system that enables him or her cover the expenses related to the management and repairs of the building while making a profit.

Profit buildings divided into two to four apartments called duplex, triplex or four-plex with one to four bedrooms and buildings with five apartments or more are called  commercial buildings. 

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Single Family Houses

As a whole, single family houses include detached houses with adjacent land and with an architecture that varies. They are either bungalows or cottages with one or two floors. 

The architectural plan of these single-family homes usually come with a living room with a fire place, a kitchen, 3 or 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms,  one on each floor, a basement and a garage for one or two cars.

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Townhouses come with one or two stories, one front entrance and a garage with a common wall that separates it from the house.

The architecture is similar to that of a single family house. The owners of a townhouse also own a small piece of land in the front and in the back and around the house.

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Dwellings Definitions by Rachel Louise Barry

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