Culture Topics

Canadian Culture Topics, Values and Beliefs offers interesting answers about many of our Canadian cultural values and beliefs, along with detailed information about our cross cultural etiquette and manners. 

Topics and issues such as negotiation strategies, personal space, proper introductions, ranks and status, greetings and handshaking customs, communication styles, offensive gestures, gift giving procedures, forms of address and many more.

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Culture Issues

Culture issues and cross cultural solutions based, for the most part, on ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious levels. Culture topics related to our ways of life, our social groups and people, our behaviors, our beliefs, our symbols, our values.

Culture does play an important role in our daily life. Our culture influences our emotions, our fears, our hopes, our loyalties, our values and our worries. A culture that measures our vitality, our quality of life and the well being of our society.

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In order to help you improve your interpersonal and professional relationships and facilitate your progress in our surroundings, we have listed some of our essential cultural behavior that might interest you, surprise you and also amuse you.

Culture Cycles

It is through our culture cycles that we develop a sense of belonging and the ability to empathize and relate to others. Culture is closely related to communication.

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Communicating with people from different cultures can sometimes be quite a challenge. Misunderstandings and inadvertent offenses are commonplace. Problems that arise easily when cultural communication styles differ.

One aspect of our communication style is our language and our communication skills. Non-verbal communication that includes facial expressions and gestures along with seating arrangements, personal distance and a sense of time. 

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Culture Questions

Culture questions in a business organization range from assumptions, to beliefs, to habits, to norms, to symbols, to vision and to values.

In Montreal, good performance on the job depends a lot on good working conditions. Working conditions such as recognition and fair remuneration from employers and commitment and satisfaction from employees. Less than desirable working conditions always lead to frustration and discontent.

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Some employees prefer to be part of a team while others work better individually. Some feel appreciated when they are consulted about important decisions, others prefer to receive rewards or bonuses for their contribution. 

Cross Culture Topics

Older citizens, immigrants, aboriginals and young families are usually concerned about job stability and benefits. On-the-job training is always welcomed since expertise must be kept up-to-date and new skills must be acquired and mastered on a regular basis.

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Job enlargement and job enrichment are motivating. Job enlargement by increasing the duties and exposure of an employee towards organizational objectives and job enrichment by assigning additional responsibilities normally reserved to higher level employees.

Most if not all Montrealers definitely appreciate an increase in salary but would also be concerned about advancement and work conditions. Plus, and for most professionals, job prestige and the degree of responsibility are definitely seen as prestigious.

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