Cross Cultural Solutions 1

Below and on the following 11 pages are 60 cross cultural solutions and short descriptions of some of the most common behavioral traits of our cross cultural environment.

1. Aggressiveness

  • Avoid raising your voice and getting into conflict with partners or clients.

  • Our society favors settling disputes through negotiation. 
  • Personal or disrespectful statements can spoil a business relation.
  • The violent expression of ethnic, political or religious rivalry and hatred is not tolerated.

  • We do not tolerate ironic remarks, sarcasms or mockeries either.
  • We do not accept aggressive behavior, argumentative conversations or heated discussions, especially in public.
  • In our society, people who stay calm are highly regarded.

2. Agreements

  • A simple verbal agreement can seal a commercial collaboration or a minor contract. 

  • When major contracts are involved, the agreements are ratified in writing.

  • Agreements can be quickly made but can also be quickly undone.
  • Agreements between business people are based on professional benefits. 
  • We do not feel bound to agreements that do not bring satisfaction.

3. Appointments

  • We usually set up meetings or arrange visits in advance. 
  • It is not common to arrive without an invitation.
  • Always be punctual for meetings and appointments. If you are going to be late, always advise. 

  • We will not wait more than 10 to 15 minutes for someone who is late.

4. Arrangements


  • We tend to be open and friendly.
  • Our personal and business relations are usually trustful and informal. 
  • A simple verbal arrangement can seal a collaboration or a minor commercial contract.

  • When major contracts are involved, the arrangements are ratified in writing.
  • We do not make deals because of our social bonds, we make deals because we find it worth our while.
  • In our society, personal and business relations are two different game plans.

5. Assistance


  • If we can assist you in something, we will. 
  • If we cannot assist you, we will introduce you to someone who can.
  • Someone with proper knowledge and skills will, in due course, assist you.

  • We will not expect a gift in return.

Some of our culture issues are related to good manners, others to professional behavior and many are typically local. Being familiar with the cultural diversity of our respective workplace brings advantages such as greater connection with coworkers, increased innovation and job satisfaction.

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Cross Cultural Solutions 1 by Rachel Louise Barry

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