Cross Cultural Solutions 4

Behind our cross cultural solutions 4 is the founder of the European Community, Jean Monnet who once declared: "If I were again facing the challenge to integrate Europe, I would probably start with culture". Culture is the context in which things happen; out of context, even legal matters lack significance.

31. English


  • We do not like to be told that we are like Americans. 

  • We are calmer and more pragmatic than Americans. It comes from our English ancestry.

  • We appreciate when people are conscious of our specific values, customs and traditions

32. French & English

  • Almost seven out of ten Montrealers speak French.

  • Half of our local population is bilingual in French and in English.
  • Montrealers speak French and/or English with a local accent you might find disconcerting at first.  
  • Local anglophones have become bilingual, immigrants are trilingual and francophones have walked out of their cultural ghetto.

33. Gifts


  • Gifts are opened immediately after they are received.

  • Gifts should reflect the image of your company. 
  • Gifts that are unique to your home country or region will always be appreciated.
  • Gifts should not be too expensive, ambiguous or subject to misinterpretation. 
  • Government employees cannot accept donations or presents in any way related to their functions.
  • When possible, offer a gift that corresponds to the receiver’s tastes. 
  • If you are giving flowers, avoid red roses as they have romantic connotations, and white lilies or chrysanthemums as they are associated with funerals.

34. Handshakes


  • Embracing and kissing are not current business practices.
  • The person in a higher position of authority or age should be the first to extend a hand.
  • Gender is not relevant. Men or women hold out their hand first. 
  • Handshakes are very present during first encounters as well as upon arrivals and departures. 

  • Handshakes should be frank, open, firm but not overpowering. 
  • Handshakes establish contact when someone is introduced or when an agreement is concluded.

35. Hierarchy


  • In Montreal we grant a lot of importance to courtesy and equality.
  • It is not the title of a person or his or her status that determines our respect.
  • Although present, hierarchy is less important than knowledge, expertise and decision-making ability.
  • Our attitude towards hierarchy tends to be respectful and friendly rather than formal.

The multicultural character of the City of Montreal offers a wide range of cross cultural solutions 4 as well as a host of cultural experiences and possibilities. The most visible being our culinary and cultural expressions such as our writings, our music, our cinema, our clothes...

Cross Cultural Solutions 4 by Rachel Louise Barry