Cross Cultural Solutions 3

The essence of cross cultural solutions 3 is not what is visible on the surface. It is the shared ways groups of people understand and interpret the world. The fact that we use social media and eat hamburgers does not tell us what social media, hamburgers or Montreal poutine mean in different cultures.

Different perspectives and different points of view, yours and theirs, a Montrealer and a foreigner. It is by comparing the two that we can solve some if not all intercultural issues communication problems that may arise.

21. Cordiality

  • Montrealers tend to be open and friendly at work. 
  • We like to laugh and have an excellent sense of humour.

  • Meetings are generally joyous, cordial and jovial and so are work relations and conversations.

22. Courtesy


  • We value harmony in our social and business relations.
  • Gender and age are left out of the equation. Coworkers are peers, regardless of gender or age. 
  • By standing up and walking out from behind your desk to greet somebody, you are subtly expressing respect for that person.
  • In the elevator, whether you are entering or exiting, whoever is in front goes first. 

23. Determination


  • We appreciate fast results and have no time to loose.
  • We are determined to succeed.

  • We are structured.

  • We work with a precise plan and specific objectives.

24. Diplomacy


  • Diplomacy is the art of dealing with others and solving issues.
  • The need to be polite and to use the correct expression is essential.

  • Honesty is your key to intercultural communications and opportunities.

  • Tactful communications in any challenging negotiation is a must.

25. Dress Code


  • Appropriate attires range from classic and conservative to relaxed.
  • Suit and tie or scarf for a negotiation, more casual for happy hours and discreet perfume and cologne on all occasions.
  • Business casual means dressing professionally, looking relaxed, neat and pulled together. 
  • Casual Friday is great, but if your work takes you outside the office, you need to dress professionally.
  • Hair neatly groomed, high-quality shoes and a crisp suit or skirt suit go a long way in establishing a professional demeanor.

  • When in doubt ask HR - Human Resources.

Lets just say that it is widely shared among Montrealers that Montreal is one, if not the best city to live in Quebec, in Canada and in the world. Large cities such as Montreal tend to be extremely diverse and accepting of differences. Montrealers usually treat foreigners respectfully.

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Cross Cultural Solutions 3 by Rachel Louise Barry