Creating Visibility Online

Creating visibility online to describe the details and the process of a website increase visibility and web traffic. 

Montreal Kits with an average of 6,000 visits, 2,000 visitors and 12,000 pages per month and growing. Visitors mostly from United States, France and Canada and then from Sweden, Germany, Russia, China and Great Britain.

Plus and Alexa Rank in the 400,000 range in the world and in the 10,000 range in Canada. Alexa measures web traffic which is an important metric and, as an example, Google is #1, YouTube is #2 and Facebook is #3.

Imagine What It Will Be After YOU Join In!

One service at a time - One after the other.

En anglais parce que vous rejoignez déjà un public francophone.

Service #1
Web Content and 
Web Page Design

A personalized web page using the search engines keywords that best describe your brands and the benefits they provide

Service #2
Web Page Design Only

A personalized image gallery and contact information to illustrate your product or service and to attract your audience

Service #3
Social Media Campaigns

A personalized analysis of your brand, a portrait of your ideal customer and a series of engaging social media content.

Service #4
E-Newsletters that Work

Your visibility and web traffic is further enhanced with exclusive and personalized promotional newsletters.

Service #5
Audio Visual Solutions

Audiovisuals for a better understanding of your products and services and for further engaging your customers, old and new.

Service #6
Drop Shipping Opportunities

Marketing and selling items done by Montreal Kits, handling and shiping included in the selling price done by you.

To improve your visibility, your traffic and your revenues.

Make new customers, but keep the old!

Montreal CLUB Kit
Creating Visibility Online by Rachel Louise Barry


Discovering the 60,000 or so companies established on the Island of Montreal.