Creating Visibility Online

Creating visibility online with Montreal Kits starts with a 1) web page design and or a 2) web content and web design followed by a 3) social media campaign, 4) e-newsletters that work, 5) audio visuals solutions and a 6) profitable online store.

Service #1
Web Page

Your Images and contact information on a page already online to introduce your product or service, along with personalized stories and follow up actions on our social medias.

Service #2
Web Content
Page Design

A personalized web content and page design with your story, your  images and your contact information along with plenty of follow up actions on our social medias.

Service #3
Social Media

Personalized and appealing social media stories with relevant content to reach your goals, one at a time along with a clear call to action in a casual friendly tone.

Service #4
that Work

Educational and friendly e-newsletters that work based on a specific purpose, a precise target audience and a definite goal, always one at a time. 

Service #5
Audio Visual

Interesting, realistic and relevant audiovisuals to clarify your key points and create interest and excitement with follow up actions on our social medias.

Service #6
Online Store

A personalized web content, page design and a series of social medias stories and follow up actions done by us. Handling and shipping included in the selling price done by you.

Creating Your Visibility Online 
To Improve Your Popularity, Your Traffic, Your Revenues

"Less a store, more a story." (p.146). "No amount of store design, technology, product or merchandising can replace the essential bedrock of a powerful brand story." (p.147)

"Fewer "friends," but a lot more social. (...) the true power of social media (...) lies in consumers' ability to speak to one another and learn what others think of a product or service". (p.147)

What is undeniable (...) is that as consumers, we trust the opinions of others when it comes to products and services". (p.169)

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