Creating Visibility Online

Creating visibility online with Montreal Kits starts with a (1) personalized web page design or a (2) web page content and web design, followed by (3) monthly e-newsletters that work, then by a (4) social media campaign, one at a time, by (5) audio visuals solutions and by a (6) profitable online store.

Service #1
Web Page

Your Images and contact information on a page already online to introduce your company and a welcoming and personalized introduction in our monthly newsletter.

Service #2
Web Content
Page Design

A personalized web content and page design with your story, your  images and your contact information, and a welcoming and personalized introduction in our monthly newsletter.

Service #3
that Work

Informative, educational and friendly e-newsletters that work based on a specific purpose, a pre-determined target audience and interesting news and stories.  

Service #4
Social Media

Personalized and appealing social media stories with relevant content to reach your goals, one at a time, along with a clear call to action in a casual and friendly voice.

Service #5
Audio Visual

Interesting and realistic audiovisuals to clarify the benefits you offer and to create interest and excitement. The better we transmit your message, the better your products and services are seen as evident solutions.

Service #6
Online Store

A personalized web content, page design, audio visual solutions and a series of newsletters, social medias stories and follow up actions done by us. Handling and shipping included in the selling price done by you.

Creating Visibility Online 
To Improve Your Popularity, Your Traffic, Your Revenues

Every day retailers are encountering entirely new challenges and opportunities: new consumer mindsets, new channels, new technologies, new competitors and entirely new approaches to market. (p. 219)

Make it beautiful. If you look closely at history, you'll quickly see that the only things that survive the test of time are things of great beauty. (p. 227)

By a stroke of brilliant coincidence, we find ourselves at an amazing junction in history. The fat and lazy era in consumerism is giving way to a lean, creative and inspired age. This is the most exhilarating, fascinating and wonderful time in the history of retail. (p, 228)

Don't be afraid. Be bold in re-imagining your business! Don't waste time. There's simply none to waste. Above all, enjoy every moment of this incredible, bright new era! (p.228)

The Retail Revival - Re Imagining Business for the New Age of Consumerism
Doug Stephens, President, Retail Prophet Consulting
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Creating Visibility Online by Rachel Louise Barry