Coworking in Montreal

Coworking in Montreal or in any other city in the world business is far from being a new topic. The concept evolved and, nowadays, coworking is a culture and a solution that can be described as an "independent activity in a specific coworking environment".

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The Harvard Business Review got curious and asked "what makes coworking spaces so effective?" Their survey revealed three interesting business trend predictors. "People who use coworking spaces see their work as meaningful, they have more job control and they feel part of a community."

Then again, coworking may not be suitable for every business and entrepreneur. An office rental space may be more appropriate for certain types of businesses, including those where client confidentiality is mandatory. 

Coworking Architecture

coworking center is a place where freelancers work independently and together. It is also where a specific coworking design is shared with other coworkers who have similar requirements and preferences.

550x313HALTE 24-7 rue de la Roche in the Plateau Mont-Royal

An office space and coworking in Montreal that allows coworkers to avoid the loneliness that comes with working at home. Cozy coworking space where coworkers share their ideas and opinions and where they relax and loosen up during a cool coworking event. 

Various types of coworking space design that are conveniently located and that may or may not include a professional gym equipment, an expresso machine or a professional pool table. Office space and coworking with office essentials such as computer desks, comfortable chairs, a photocopier, a paper shredder, a recycling bin...

Coworking Companies

For some, the advantages of coworking spaces represent the possibility to establish a professional working routine and to discuss and improve personal projects. They see their coworking space design as a tool for expanding their personal and professional networks.

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For others, coworking in Montreal represents the "professionals tool boxes" they need and appreciate. No dealings with repairs or with business office supplies, computer office supplies, office cleaning supplies...

A cost efficient coworking center that comes with all the necessary equipment and maintenance, and coworkers specialised in different types of business and entrepreneur activities who simply profit from their coworking space. 

The Coworking Industry

The financial crisis of 2007-2008 led to a decline of the property market but, two years later, it was clear that the coworking space industry was not just a passing trend.

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coworking trend with its unique architecture and coworking space design that, in its own business development way, participated in the recovery of the real estate market as early as 2009-2010.

Nowadays, the progress of the mobile technology and the increase of freelancers and self-employed professionals are the main reasons why the coworking market size keeps increasing. The coworking model is still a huge opportunity.

550x413HALTE 24-7 rue de la Roche in the Plateau Mont-Royal

Coworking in Montreal, in Paris, in Manila...

The best workspace coworking in Montreal or anywhere else in the world are those where socializing with coworkers is optional and where individuals feel a sense of identity

An independent and collaborative coworking model and culture in an environment where visions, missions and goals are similar. Best coworkings settings and special values and standards such as community, responsibility, collaboration, sustainability and respect. 

550x313HALTE 24-7 rue de la Roche in the Plateau Mont-Royal

Work is usually more productive and conversations are more friendly in a cozy coworking space, while coworkers in a large coworking center are likely to show less affinity, less alliance and less coworker relations. 

Shared office space and coworkers who get to know each other, who interact and who discuss. The best thing about coworking area, at least for some, is that it helps generate interesting conversations and useful collaboration between coworkers.

The Best Coworkings

Coworking companies and a coworking space client segmentation with a majority of office coworkers in their mid-twenties to late thirties. A particular social movement and organizational structure with an interesting network of formal and informal interactions.

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One third are women, two thirds are men, half are freelancers and professionals, some are enterprises who employ coworkers and a few are permanent employees of very small companies or companies located abroad.

Most office coworkers are web developers or web programmers, while others are active in a wide range of creative and cultural industries. Most started their freelance career with a university degree.

Montreal Workspace Coworking Culture

Coworking in Montreal usually provides single seats and small rooms in a coworking center that can accommodate individuals and small teams. coworking space design that typically offers the latest in modern facility management and in coworking shared office trends.

550x367HALTE 24-7 rue de la Roche in the Plateau Mont-Royal

Desks and chairs, conference rooms, relaxation areas, office maintenance and housekeeping are conveniently available so coworkers can take Montreal workspace coworking for granted. Coworkers who can focus on their work activities and business responsibilities

Then again, sometimes it's less about work and more about having fun and this is what coworking events are all about. Coworking events and parties that offer interesting opportunities to meet people, to network, to chat, to flirt and to relax.

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Coworking Center or Office Feng Shui

Comparing the advantages of an appropriate coworking space design to setting up a professional office was and still is an important business decision. 

Being part of a local coworking culture is very trendy, mostly among freelancers and start-ups but, based on any business and entrepreneur requirements, the traditional private office, leased or bought, can still be a better solution.

550x313HALTE 24-7 rue de la Roche in the Plateau Mont-Royal

Some believe that a coworking space design lacks privacy and generates distractions, while others believe that an open seating fosters cooperation, improves work flow and drives productivity.

All the tarifs coworking must also be thoroughly analyzed since research shows that the average coworking members use their cozy coworking space less than 20 hours a week. It always pays to plan strategically and, ultimately, a coworking or a rented office must contribute to the productivity and the growth of the business and entrepreneur. 

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