Courtesy and Respect 6

According to our Montreal Courtesy and Respect 6, men do not touch each other except when they shake hands or play sports. Women, on the other hand, are less bound by these rules. Then again, most Montrealers have a strong sense of personal space and displaying affection in public is rather exceptional.

26. Dynamism


  • Many corporations value intrapreneurship and encourage their employees to be innovative.

  • Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) form an important part of our entrepreneurial structure.
  • We are against aggressiveness, but appreciate entrepreneurial dynamism.

27. England


  • Our Canadian form of government is based on the British parliamentary system, also known  as the “Westminster Model".

  • Our 1892 Canadian Criminal Code is based on the English Code of 1879 subsequently modified by Canadian jurist. 
  • In 1931, Canada joined the Commonwealth, a voluntary association of 53 countries, most with historic links with UK. 
  • The UK is by far Canada’s most important commercial partner in Europe and our fifth largest globally,

  • The UK is also an important source of direct foreign investment, ranking fourth after United States, Netherlands, and Luxembourg

28. English


  • We do not like to be told that we are like Americans. 

  • We are calmer and more pragmatic than Americans. It comes from our English ancestry.

  • We appreciate when people are conscious of our specific values, customs and traditions

29. France


  • It is to France that we owe our French language, part of our cultural heritage and our membership to the Francophonie.
  • France is our second tourist destination. The first is the United States and the third is the United Kingdom.
  • Our main export to France is iron ore and our main import is fresh grape wines

30. Frankness


  • We learned to say "no" when necessary.

  • We are are open, honest and known to make direct or straightforward remarks.

  • We still have to gain a better awareness of how good communication skills facilitate communication.
  • If you feel hurt or if you do not understand, simply ask for an explanation. 
  • It’s never as bad as it sounds.

For the most part, we are relatively informal and relaxed but, punctuality is highly valued. Arriving late is frowned upon except when external circumstances occur such as family emergencies, bad weather and traffic conditions. 

We also consider deadlines as imperative. All deadlines are taken with utmost seriousness by Montrealers.

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Courtesy and Respect 6 by Rachel Louise Barry
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