Condos Montreal

Condos Montreal are owned and located in a condominium complex while apartments Montreal are rented and located in an apartment complex. The pros include affordability and the cons include limited outdoor space.

What is a Condominium?

The main difference between a condominium and an apartment is ownership. Both are residences, both are similar in structure, both are located in large or not so large residential buildings but, an apartment is usually rented and a condo is usually owned.

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Apartments are smart choices for students, young couples, newly arrived immigrants and other residents who are not yet ready for the expenses and the responsibilities such as mortgage payments, property taxes and home repairs that come with ownership. 

Condominium Complex

A condominium complex is always accompanied by a condominium association and by a vast array of responsibilities related to management services such as financial management, property management and association insurance among others.

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Property management and responsibilities that also include soundproofing, thermal insulation, in-home insulation, proper ventilation and heating.

Do not, however, let your enthusiasm forget or neglect to make sure the construction of the condo Montreal of your choice is properly done with all the proper permits and approvals. The best rule is to always overestimate your expenses when buying a condo.

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Condominium Property Management

Some local condominium property management are properly managed, some are not and this is the reason why the Quebec Civil Code governs the rules and responsibilities of condo owners, condo management and condo corporations.

However, and this is regretful, there is no formal process for making a complaint but, you may ask your question or questions without charge using Condo Legal. You may also find out about "making a complaint about condo management" using Legal Line - Free Legal Answers

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Condominium Association

Usually, it is up to the owners themselves to resolve disputes and ensure compliance with the provisions of the provincial legislation. Disputes that are often resolved through mediation, arbitration or through a claim in court.

If you have a dispute with your condominium property management, there are various actions that can be taken to resolve improper conduct. 

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Actions such as 1) speak to a member of your condominium association 2) write a letter to your condominium association 3) try mediation or arbitration or, worst comes to worst 4) file an application or a claim in court.

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