Condominium Complex

Condominium property management of a condominium complex done by professional condominium property managers.

"... il est impératif de professionaliser le métier d'administrateur de copropriété¨.

" ... for condominiums in Quebec, it is better to rely on real experts" writes the RGCQ, the Regroupement des gestionnaires et copropriétaires du Québec.

"... due to the complexities of a condo association and its particular  elements, condominium property management requires a specific set of skills and expertise".

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Declaration of Condominium

For those who are not familiar with a Declaration of Co-Ownership, it is a document that determines the rules pertaining to the operation and the organization of everything related to private and to common condominium ownership. 

Rules such as contributing positively, communicating calmly, following the rules, knowing your rights, respecting the boundaries and being respectful, polite and informed. If worst comes to worst, review your "Declaration of Co-Ownership" and analyse your options.

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Condominium Management Services

Some condominium owners may be facing challenges or have had to face challenges with difficult board members and/or co-owners.

Condominium buildings where the number of condos is higher than the number of board members versus condominium buildings where the number of board members is equal to the number of condos. 

In both cases, a number of approaches can and do help alleviate certain negative situations such as having trouble enforcing community rules, handling disputes between co-owners and dealing with aggressive and/or controlling individuals. 

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Condominium Association Management

In French, condominium association management is usually done by either a "gestionnaire" or an "administrateur". In English, the word administrator applies to the two French titles even if their knowledge and responsibilities are not the same.

"Gestionnaires" are members of the RGCQ - the Regroupement des gestionnaires et copropriétaires du Québec while "Administrateurs" are, in the legal sense of the term, managers of condo properties whatever the size of the property and whatever the qualifications of the administrator. 

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Condominium Financial Management

The administrator of a condominium complex has a rather strategic role to play. The main tasks are numerous and the main responsibilities include proper preservation and proper maintenance of the condo building.

Responsibilities such as maintaining the property in good order and respecting environmental standards, communicating with homeowners, handling their questions and concerns, dealing with violations, managing the finances, obtaining and managing an insurance policy and preparing annual reports.

Let us just say that a well-trained administrator is able to share his or her knowledge and skills with co-owners and thus fulfill his or her mission effectively, respectfully and to everyone's satisfaction.

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Administrators who do not always have the proper knowledge, the proper skills and the proper attitude. For the unqualified it's a power trip, for the qualified it's a responsibility.

According to public consultations, condominium owners prefer that the work related to condominium property management be done by a member of the RGCQ or, that a professional order be created so that condominium property management is done properly. 

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