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Côtes-des-Neiges and Notre-Dame-de-Grace are two different neighbourhoods located west of the Mont-Royal. But they different characteristics in common : they are multi-ethnic neighbourhoods and mainly english speaking. They are also both working class and middle-class neighbourhoods.

Côtes-des-Neiges is the most ethnically diverse of the two and more working class. Its main attractions are the St-Joseph Oratory, the Notre-Dame-des-Neiges cemetary and the Université de Montréal campus.

Notre-Dame-de-Grace was, and still is in some parts, a middle-upper class neighborhood west of the Mont-Royal. It was known at first for the Decarie farms whose melons were well known throughout north america. Then an upscale residential developpement changed the nature of the district. Now, it's main attraction is Monkland ave.

Surrounding streets (roughly) :

Cavendish to the west

Côte-des-Neiges road to the east

Jean-Talon to the north

Sherbrooke street to the south.

Metro stations :

Villa-Maria and Snowdon for Notre-Dame-de-Grace

Côtes-des-Neiges, Université de Montreal and Côte Ste-Catherine for Côte-des-Neiges

Commercial Chinatown

Montreal's chinatown is relatively small but is still interesting. The best way to visit chinatown is by foot, actually you don't really have any choice since the most interesting street, La Gauchetière street, is a pedestrian street (ie. closed to traffic). There are many restaurants on that streets and some souvenir shops. St-Laurent street south of René-Lévesque blvd. is also interesting for its restaurants and food markets. You should read the walking tour section for more indications. The other main street in chinatown is St-Laurent boulevard, it's where you will find most chinese food markets. For more information on Chinatown, including a short history, you should visit the city of Montreal's site or the Tourism Montreal site.

Surrounding streets :

St-Dominique street to the east

Jeanne-Mance to the west

Rene Levesque blvd. to the north

Ville-Marie autoroute to the south

Metro stations :

Place-d'Armes (then exit through the Palais des Congrès)

St-Laurent (then walk southward on St-Laurent passed René-Levesque blvd.)

Commercial Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, sometimes called pôle Maisonneuve in some tourism information booklets, includes the Olympic stadium and its surroundings.

The Olympic stadium was built for the 1976 Olympics. You can find many activities near the Olympic stadium, there is the botanical garden and the insectarium, the biodome and the stadium itself. The main entrances to these activities are located around the corner of Sherbrooke street (east) and Pie-IX boulevard.

The Maisonneuve market is also a place to visit, the old market building itself was renovated and a new building was added and there are many events taking place in the market square.

Surrounding streets :

Pie-IX blvd. to the west

Dickson street to the east

Beaubien street to the north

Notre-Dame street blvd to the south.

Metro stations :

Pie-IX (the Olympic stadium, the Biodome, the Botanical garden, the Maisonneuve market, etc)

Viau (the Biodome)

Commercial Westmount

Westmount is an upper class anglophone (ie. english speaking) municipality on the island of Montreal and just south-west of the Mount-Royal (it is actually surrounded by the city of Montreal with the downtown to the east, the St-Henri district to the south and the Notre-Dame-de-Grace district to the west). Its main attractions are green spaces and beautiful (and rich) houses and mansions. The most interesting houses are on the side of the Mont Royal.

Surrounding streets :

Atwater street to the east

Ville-Marie highway to the south

Victoria street to the west

Queen-Mary road to the north

Metro stations :

Atwater for the eastern part

Vendome for the western part

Commercial South-West

The south-west section is a large district that is mostly residential with industrial areas. It includes the districts and neighbourhoods of St-Henri, Little Burgundy, Griffintown (this district doesn't exist anymore), Pointe-St-Charles, Verdun, etc. They were the old industrial districts of Montreal (along with the centre-sud district and the Lachine canal). Eventhough these district have known better days, there still a lot to do and see there. The Lachine canal, the Atwater market and Notre-Dame street west are good examples.

Surrounding streets :

St-Laurent river to the south

Ville-Marie highway to the north

Peel to the east

Metro stations :


Place St-Henri


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