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Outremont is a middle-upper class francophone (ie. french speaking) burrough on the island of Montreal (just west of the Montreal's Mile-End district and north-east of the Mont-Royal.). The town was founded in 1695 and its name litterally means "beyond the mountain" and is the francophone equivalent of Westmount (or Westmount is the anglophone equivalent of Outremont...). Outremont is known for its restaurants and upscale boutiques (ie. expensive). Most things in Outremont are more expensive than in Montreal, that includes restaurants, stores and rent.

The main streets to visit are Bernard and Laurier streets, although Bernard is more interesting to walk on (it has more cafés and restaurants with terrasses), Laurier street is more for shopping only. The main attractions are the beautiful parks and great houses and mansions... but don't look for bars or clubs (or anything that make noise) because there aren't any. It is probably the most european district on the island maybe because the "outremontais" (residents of Outremont) seem to pretend they live in Paris.

Outremont can be subdivided in three parts :

  • north of Bernard street : that's where most people who are tenants live. The buildings are mostly triplexes and appartement buildings. The streets are lined with great trees and it's where you'll find the restaurants and shops. It is also more lively then the rest of Outremont.
  • between Côte-Ste-Catherine and Bernard street and everything west of Rockland. It's a richer section with semi-detached houses and detached houses. Not much to see there except a few great parks.
  • between Côte-Ste-Catherine and the Mont-Royal, that's where you'll find the gorgeous mansions and great houses. But it's difficult to find your way around that section since the streets are not straight and there's a lot of different intersections. On the other hand, it's easy to get lost there (I know... it's the same thing). It's quite a workout to walk around (or bicycle around) these streets since it's uphill on the Mont-Royal but it's worth it if you have the time and the legs.

Surrounding streets :

du Parc ave. to the east

Darlington street to the west

Mount Royal to the south

Van Horne to the north.

Metro stations :

Outremont (not much to see around there though) but you can take the 160 east to go to Bernard street

To go to Bernard street or Laurier street, take the 80 bus north from Place-des-Arts metro station

To go to Laurier street, you can take the 51 bus west from Laurier station

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Commercial Outremont by Rachel Louise Barry

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