City Council Councillors

There is a City of Montreal, there is an Island of Montreal and then there is an Agglomeration Council, a City Council, 19 Borough Councils, an  Executive Committee and an Executive Committee. 

Borough councils make decisions, adopt by-laws and ... urban planning, road network, permits, culture and recreation. 

 borough councils make decisions and adopt by-laws, including on urban planning, the road network, permits, culture, and recreation.

The City of Montreal is managed by one mayor, 19 borough mayors and xx city councillors, while the Island of Montreal is managed by the mayor of the City of Montreal and by 15 elected officials of the City of Montreal and 15 other cities of the Island of Montreal.

Montreal elected City Council Councillors who adopt municipal budgets, by-laws, programs, subsidies and governmental agreements, who focus on meeting the needs and requirements of all citizens and who prepare the future. 

développement économique

mobilité durable

transition écologique


Solidarité, équité et inclusion

Culture loisirs et sports

Expérience cityoyenne et innovation

Municipal Budgets

City of Montreal Budget about economic development, ecological transition, sustainable mobility, housing, solidarity, equity, inclusion and a brighter future.

A budget mostly based on the decisions of the Municipal Council and on the 19 Borough Councils and a source of income mostly based on taxation, 65% in the present budget. 

Municipal By-Laws

Municipal Programs

Municipal Subsidies

Governmental Agreements

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