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Catering Company Services

The many different catering company services, pricing and ordering procedures may appear overwhelming at first but the industry is rather well organized and well standardized.

Research starts with the nature of the event, the number of guests and the menu continues with four different options and four different types of planning, pricing and ordering procedures.

There are lots of ways to get more for your money with catering, but cutting back on how much food you offer is not the way to do it. Your guests have accepted your invitation and are there for you so, simply reward them with a delicious and pleasant dinner.

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Concession Catering Contracts

Concession catering and live concerts, major seasonal competitions, sporting events and large crowds go together. In this type of indoor or outdoor event catering, it's not the variety of food that counts, it's the popularity of the food and the speed of the service.

Top concession catering skills and standards such as proper implementation of sanitation procedures and food services, links between company standards and customer satisfaction and  monitored and enforced food safety guidelines.

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Corporate Catering Contracts

Corporate catering refers to professional corporate events such as board meetings, conferences, conventions, products launches, seminars and trade shows. 

As for informal corporate events, they are often associated with breakfasts, luncheons, barbecues, golf games or team building activities. Corporate events that range from offsite and elegant dinners to onsite and relaxed office gatherings.

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Golf outings to increase relationships, workshops to encourage confidence, products launches to inform employees, customers and the media, board meetings to review the company performance and shareholder meetings to discuss targets, goals and strategies.

Corporate catering to help companies create great relationships with their employees and their customers, to spend a good time together and to thank each and everyone of them for their great work and their loyalty.

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Social Event Catering Contracts

Indoor or outdoor social events and social gatherings such as birthdays, baby showers, retirements and open house parties.

Social event catering company services to bring people together, to celebrate and to profit from many different types of professional food menus and food catering services.

Appetizers during the cocktail hour followed by a three course dinner, that is soup or salad, main course and dessert plus beverages, servers, bartenders, hired equipment and a constant attention to details.

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Wedding Catering Contracts

Wedding catering services and contracts require a significant attention to details, to timing and to a clear communication between caterer and customer regarding the budget, the reception, the venue and the atmosphere one wishes to create. 

Many options are available including buffets as an efficient way to feed a large number of guests and cocktail receptions during which guests can socialize while drinking and eating appetizers. Also available are sit-down dinners and sit-down meals. 

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Other options such as family style dinners where food is served on large platters and where diners serve themselves or, such as food stations where guests eat and mingle with other guests. 

On the one hand, weddings can be extremely expensive if they are not planned carefully and, on the other, wedding caterers do far more than just prepare the wedding catering menu. They can and do help coordinate the wedding reception timeline and the flow of the dinner. 

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 Catering Company Services by Rachel Louise Barry

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