Career Employment Jobs

Finding the right career employment jobs according to our personality, our skills and our values are significant steps towards success, happiness and prosperity. Our education, our talents and our strengths are important factors and so are our ambitions and our constraints.

There is, however, no « magic formula ». Even with a good enough employment market with interesting employment listings and jobs opportunities, jobs search results do require advanced preparation, proper employment search and confidence in our abilities.

Employment Career Resources

Information sur le marché du travail offered by Emploi Québec can help. IMT offers useful information to those seeking employment agencies, employment listings or employment applications. 

IMT is also intended for employers looking for employment information regarding employment background checks or employment contract forms. 

Two popular jobs possibilities are offered to those seeking employment. The first possibility refers to going through employment listings mostly on the web and the second refers to working with one or more employment agencies.

Plus employment ads are still around in some if not all of our local newspapers.

Human Resources Career

In Montreal and in most organizations, corporations and establishments, the hiring and integrating process of suitable candidates is under the responsibility of the Human Resources department.

Human resources specialists oversee current employees satisfaction and productivity and make sure the workplace is always running efficiently. Other functions such as salaries and benefits, training, employee relations and workplace safety are also under the responsibility of Human Resources.

Business Employment Careers

Career employment jobs and employment career resources are of two types, internal recruitment and external recruitment for all those who are searching for new or better achievements. 

The first refers to recruiting candidates within a company and giving employees a chance to occupy higher level positions. The second refers to recruiting candidates outside the company through employment agencies or employment ads. 

Career and Job Advancement

Job hunting may start with a look at employment listings on job or company websites, on social media sites, on employment agencies sites or on any other list. 

A job hunting followed by a job resume, a local job search, a few job search results, fewer job interviews and, finally, one career employment job. A job resume that must be accompanied by a job cover letter explaining why you should be selected for a particular Montreal career employment job.  

Establishments that have their own employment recruiters and methods expect a detailed application for employment with information about your education, your work experience and your accomplishments. 

Career Assessment Tests

Most companies will ask for job references from people such as past employers who can vouch for your abilities, your qualifications and your skills.

Some might do a pre-employment background check to verify your education, your employment history and your job references. Others might do an employment criminal background check when applying for a security job such as security guard or security officer.

If this is the case, candidates must be notified and must consent to the collection and disclosure of some of their personal information and, Human Resources and employment agencies must be reasonable regarding the collection and disclosure of personal information.

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