Business Travel Agency

A business travel agency helps small businesses and large organisations manage many if not all their business travels. The key is to plan ahead especially since most if not all deals with airlines, hotels, car-rentals and travel services can be negotiated.

Business travel agencies who can negotiate with the vendors regarding your day-to-day travel programs, who make sure you will always be safe and secure and who can inform you regarding travel expenses, credit cards, time frames...

Around the World Travel

A series of reasons to make good use of your business travel agency:

  • Accountability of the business travel agency;
  • Before-sale services - After-sale services;
  • Complementary services (insurance, car rental, tickets);
  • Exclusive sightseeing during leisure time;
  • Financial security (Office of Consumer Protection)
  • Professional and personal advice from an experienced advisor;
  • Savings in terms of time and money;
  • Seasonal promotions;
  • Special requests and pre-selection of seats;
  • Various financing plans available.

A series of services offered by most if not all business travel agencies.

Travel Tips and Tools

For decades, high-performing organizations have used incentive business travel as an effective management strategy. Incentive travel and corporate events such as exhibitions, manager meetings, sales conferences, trade fairs, training seminars along with travel items such as airlines, car rentals, business lunches and hotel accomodations.

This is where a business travel agency can be useful. Travel agents can project travel plans, from locations to estimated travel time and then build a calendar, a budget and a schedule.

Home Based Travel Agent

Travel agents who make sure that the necessary facilities such as conference and meeting rooms, recreation facilities, internet services, adequate security and comfortable beds are all included.

Travel agents use this information to project your next travel budget. Examine last year's travel items. Total the number of trips, airlines, car rentals, nights spent in hotels and compare those items to repeat trips to the same destinations. Amenities may be a trade-of so, make sure you only negotiate what you are going to use.

Travel Management Companies

An alternative to direct travel negotiation is to always refer to the same travel management company, those that offer corporate travel services such as booking and managing travels for businesses. 

Travel services always booked and always managed by the same travel agents, those few who know how to keep all trips within your business company policy and who can offer all travelers / customers the right support at the right moment.

However, and although every corporate travel agent will recommend advance booking, not all business trips can be planned in advance so, make sure your contact at your travel management company is able to get you last minute travel deals and travel insurance solutions.

Travel Agent Specials

It is important to develop a contractual relationship with one or two  corporate travel agents from your favorite travel management company.

Corporate travel agents who specialize in business travel and those who save you time and money on airfaire, hotels, car tentals.

Consolidating all your travel buying through a single travel management company is one best way to obtain discounts and to receive the best possible service on all travel occasions.

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