Business Meeting Rooms

The setup and the equipment in each and ever business meeting rooms whatever its size must maximize the impact of your meeting, its efficacy, its success and the comfort of your participants.  

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Classroom Meeting Style

The classroom meeting style is designed for lectures during which participants need to take notes. A classroom seating arrangement with tables of 6 or 8 feet long and chairs.

If your participants will be taking notes for long periods, seat two participants per 6-foot tables or three participants per 8-foot tables.

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The classroom meeting style is perfect for small to large groups simply because it can easily be adapted to the size and the shape of any meeting room.

Conference Meeting Style

Conference meeting style are perfect when close interaction among participants is required. Rectangle or oval tables are excellent for small training sessions and committee meetings. 

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E-shape, T-shape, U-shape Meeting Style

E, T and U-shape meetings styles are variations of the conference style meetings where face-to-face interaction is important, but where the group is too large for a conference meeting style.

In this type of meeting style, program leaders and speakers sit or stand at any of the places where the tables connect with each other.

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Hollow Square Meeting Style

The hollow square meeting style is for meetings of 30 to 50 people mostly because it allows all participants to see one another. Based on the meeting equipment that is required, an hollow square arrangement can also be a hollow circle or hollow oval.

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Round Seating Meeting Style

Round seating for small groups and for discussions and/or meals. Round seating where people sit on one-half of the table and face the other half. An arrangement that facilitates and simplifies communication and interaction.

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Theater & Auditorium Meeting Style

Just like classroom seating and round seating, auditorium and theater seating is perfect for all kinds of audiences.

However, because of little "elbow room" this meeting style is most effective during short meetings when note taking is not required.

A meeting style arrangement that allows attendants to be close to the speaker where chairs can be moved and small discussion groups can be formed.

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Finding the right location and the right business meeting room outside your organization simply involves common sense and groundwork.

Asking others for recommendations, researching hotel accommodations, visiting various locations, looking for special offers is part of the job and part of the fun.   

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