Business Manners 11

Business manners 11 about spending time with us and us with you so we each learn how to properly behave and properly react in various business, personal and cultural situations.

51. Sports

  • The Montreal Canadiens is a professional ice hockey team since 1910. The team is often called the Habs in French and in English.

  • The Montreal Alouettes is a professional Canadian football team founded in 1946.

  • The Montreal Impact, a professional soccer team since 1993.

  • The Montreal Expos was a professional baseball team between 1969 and 2004. Their return is a slow process, but there is hope. 
  • The Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve is a car-racing track that has played host to the Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada since 1978.

52. Taxi

  • In a car, the place of honor is in the back, on the right.

  • The man enters first so the woman or the guest does not have to slide over. 

  • When others are traveling with you by cab, seating etiquette dictates that those of seniority be offered the back seat. 

  • Tipping is mandatory. Between 10% to 20% of the total fare or 1$ or 2$ for short rides. 

53. Tipping


  • Do not penalize the waiters for incidents that might have annoyed you but for which they were not responsible.

  • In ordinary situations, proper tipping suggests to leave 10 to 20 percent of the pre-tax bill. 

  • Ten percent means below average service, 15 percent means average service and 20 percent or more means exceptional service.

  • It is always unfair to avoid tipping or to leave just a token amount. If you are angry or upset with some aspects of the service simply speak to the staff. 

  • Tipping does not have to be intimidating. If you are uncertain of how much to tip, just use common sense and you will be right most of the time.
  • When in doubt and depending on the situation, tip $1 to $2 or offer a tip in the 10 to 15 percent range. 

54. Titles

  • When you meet someone for the first time, in French it is best to use Monsieur or Madame.
  • In English it is Mr. or Mrs. followed by the person's last name. 

  • The titles are used at the beginning of the meeting then its simply Mrs or Mr.

55. USA

  • Canada and United States are good neighbors with good relationships.
  • We are friends and we are neighbours. 
  • Proximity and ease of travel between the two countries drive the trend.
  • Trade relations between US and Canada is the second largest in the world after US and China.

The success or the failure of a business or a social endeavor largely depends on mutual understanding and awareness.

Business manners 11, rules and customs respected and followed out of courtesy and politeness are always and definitely appreciated. 

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Business Manners 11 by Rachel Louise Barry


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