Boutique Hotels Montreal

Boutique hotels Montreal are often described as stylish and exclusive. They are located in fashionable urban areas such as Old Montreal and the downtown area with their variety of business activities and tourist attractions.

Boutique hotels Montreal that are usually but not exclusively of high standards. Their size is small with perhaps fewer than 100 bedrooms and they each offer a stylish design anpremium quality down to the last detail.

Boutique City Hotels

The term "boutique" was born when Andrée Putman served as interior designer for the 1984 renovation of a 1927 structure that became the Morgans Hotel on Madison Avenue in New York City.

Ian Schrager and his business partner Steve Rubell compared their hotel to a "boutique" that is now closed unfortunately

Unlike conventional hotels, not two boutique hotels are alike. They are smaller than regular hotels, they have a unique character, they are located in fashionable areas and they offer personalized services. They also are more intimate and more private than traditional hotels.

Boutique Luxury Hotels

Boutique hotels began appearing in the mid 1980s in cities such as London, New York and San Francisco. Boutique hotels that specialize in upscale accommodations and in a pleasant and soothing ambience and atmosphere.

Unlike traditional hotel chains, boutique luxury hotels offer a lifestyle of beauty, comfort and tranquility. A boutique hotels Montreal concept with a strong personality, modern spirit and local flavor all designed to fit together.

Travelers are looking for an experience, not just a product and Montreal boutique hotels deliver. They are small, they are trendy, they are different and they offer authentic and personalized services not available in traditional hotels.

Top Boutique Hotels Montreal

The main characteristics of top boutique hotels are a special location, an historic building with aesthetic, artistic or architectural value, a small number of rooms, exclusive service, intimate atmosphere and good taste.

Top boutique hotels have a unique personality. They celebrate the local flavors and serve authentic and high quality local cuisine. Special attentions play an important role in the productivity and efficiency of each of our boutique city hotels.

Service and comfort are their main attractions along with an up to date database with the needs and preferences of their past and present guests. A well maintained and most valuable asset to attract new customers, to retain the old and current ones and to develop personalized and distinctive marketing strategies.

Luxury Choice Hotels

The warm and fuzzy feelings of the boutique hotels Montreal is nice but, the price is far from being affordable for everyone.

While some travelers consider the boutique luxury hotels a bit pretentious, others think of such hotels as important status symbols.

Top boutique hotels with unique and upscale interior designs combined with chic elegance for those who wish to impress.

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