Anjou Electoral Profile

In the City of Montreal, the borough of Anjou electoral profile, as well as all the other Election Montreal electoral profiles are divided into a specific number of districts based on the electoral geography of each borough.

Each of our 19 boroughs and each of their respective electoral districts are divided in such a way that each electoral district offer a similar number of electoral votes and voters. A series of 19 districts divided into 58 electoral districts by Élection Montréal according to our elections electoral systems.

Anjou Electoral Profile and Map

Anjou three (3) electoral districts

  1. Ouest
  2. Est
  3. Centre

On our next municipal election day, local residents will vote for

  • the mayor of the City of Montreal

and for the five (5) members of the Borough Council

  • the mayor and city Councillor of the borough
  • one (1) city Councillor for the borough
  • one (1) borough Councillor for each of the three (3) electoral districts

Montreal Agglomeration Definition

The Agglomeration Council of Montreal adopts by-laws and authorizes expenditures on shared services accross the Island of Montreal. Expenditures such as social housing, emergency services and public transit.

An Agglomeration Council composed of the mayor of the City of Montreal, 15 city councillors and the mayors of each of the following 14 reconstituted cities of the Island of Montreal.

Montreal City Council

The City Council is the primary decision-making body of the City of Montreal. As such, the City Council is permitted by law to approve or disapprove municipal budgets, by-laws, programs, subsidies and governmental agreements.

Montreal Executive Committee

The Executive Committee prepares the documents submitted to City Council for approval, including budgets, by-laws and contracts. The Executive Committee includes the Mayor of the City of Montreal, 12 municipal elected officials, including a chair and two vice-chairs along with eight special advisors.

  • An Executive Committee Chair in charge of finance, human resources, legal affairs and municipal evaluation and corporate performance, an
  • Executive Committee Vice-Chair responsible for culture and Montreal diversity and an
  • Executive Committee Vice-Chair in charge of water and waterworks, infrastructures and the "Commission des services électriques".

Montreal Borough Councils

The 19 borough councils of the City of Montreal make decisions and adopt by-laws related to local culture, fire prevention, financial management, housing, human resources, non-taxation fees, parks, recreation, roads, social and community development, urban planning and waste collection.

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