Anjou Companies

Anjou companies is about the NAICS Economic Sectors and companies located in the borough. Except for NAICS 21 - Mining, Quarrying and Oil and Gas Extraction and for NAICS 11 - Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting, all the other NAICS sectors are present.

A list of companies to help you discover the local jobs opportunities, explore those that may interest you and, eventually, find a job in a borough that suits most if not all your requirements and preferences.

Also interesting and possibly useful, Emploi Québec and its section called Search for Sectors of Activities and the Banque d'information 311 for more detailed or more recent information.

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Anjou Companies by NAICS Sectors

NAICS 44-45 - Retail Trade

  • 234 companies & 5,080 career jobs

NAICS 41 - Wholesale Trade

  • 188 companies and 2,735 career jobs

NAICS 31-33 - Manufacturing

  • 151 companies and 6,595 career jobs

NAICS 54 - Professional, Scientific & Technical

  • 136 companies and 2,025 career jobs

NAICS 81 - Other Services (Except Public Administration)

  • 107 companies and 1,295 career jobs

NAICS 72 - Accommodation and Food Services

  • 68 companies and 1,320 career jobs

NAICS 53 - Real Estate and Rental and Leasing

  • 46 companies and 425 career jobs

NAICS 52 - Finance and Insurance

  • 41 companies and 1,855 career jobs

NAICS 51 - Information and Cultural Industries

  • 28 companies and 600 career jobs

NAICS 55 - Management of Companies and Enterprises

  • 17 companies and 35 career jobs

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More About Anjou Companies

NAICS 23 - Construction

  • 95 companies and 1,560 career jobs

NAICS 62 - Health Care and Social Assistance

  • 90 companies and 1,200 career jobs

NAICS 48-49 - Transportation and Warehousing

  • 82 companies and 2,050 career jobs

NAICS 56 - Administrative & Support, Waste Management and Remediation

  • 72 companies and 1,925 career jobs

NAICS 71 - Arts, Entertainment and Recreation

  • 10 companies and 260 career jobs

NAICS 61 - Educational Services

  • 8 companies and 800 career jobs

NAICS 91 - Public Administration

  • 3 companies and 595 career jobs

NAICS 22 - Utilities

  • 1 company and 245 career jobs

NAICS 21 - Mining, Quarrying and Oil and Gas Extraction

  • 0 company and 15 career jobs

NAICS 11 - Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting

  • 0 company and 85 career jobs


Boroughs of Montreal Jobs Opportunities

In Anjou, 56% of the local companies have less than 10 employees, 2% have more than 200 employees and 10% of the local residents are self-employed.

The majority of the population is non-immigrant and accounts for 90%, while the immigrant population accounts for 10%. In Anjou, 34% of the adult population has a university degree, 18% a college degree, 34% a high school diploma and 12% have no diploma but are definitely not without talent, knowledge and experience.

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In Anjou companies, employment is the main source of income for 96% of the active population. Among the active and local population, 32% earn less than $20,000, 43% earn between $20,000 and $50,000, 21% earn more than $50,000 and 4% earn $100,000 or more.

A borough where 56% of the local residents are tenants and 44% are owners. Among the tenants, housing in a duplex accounts for 8% while 57% of the local apartment buildings have five floors or less and 18% have more than five floors. Among the owners, 24% chose to buy a condo and 76% chose a detached or semi-detached cottage, bungalow, duplex or triplex.

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Borough Language Breakdown Montreal

In Anjou, 48% of the local population can hold a conversation in French and in English. French being the official language in the Province of Quebec and French and English being the two official languages in Canada.

Local residents who also speak Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Creole, Romanian, Kabyle, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Chinese and Berber. As for the 205 or so Aboriginal Peoples living in the borough, 45% are members of the First Nations and 53% are Metis.

A few information, not many, about the Anjou borough. Information that may help you decide where you would rather live and where you would rather work according to your preferences and your requirements.

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Anjou Companies by Rachel Louise Barry