All Leather Apparels

All leather apparels is about fine leather and soft shearling crafted into classic, sophisticated and elegant fashion leather garments. It is also about masterful techniques and luxurious materials. 

Leather raw material comes from animal skins or hides that have been used as clothing since the early days of humanity. Nowadays, and after all the preparatory stages, it is the work done at the tannery that produces supple skins, free of bacteria-causing proteins.

550x158Créations Jez is a manufacturer of fine leather jackets and coats. Every piece of fine leather is cut and assembled by hands.

A very polluting process unfortunately, followed by another process called crusting during which the hides are thinned, re-tanned, lubricated and coloured.

Finished leather manufacturers have bettered their methods over the years and apparel clothing manufacturers can now choose from a wide variety of fine finished leathers to create ready-to-wear apparel garments and fashion.

Artificial Leather Apparels

There are tens of thousands of animal rights activists and organisations over the world. The all share animal rights views, but only a few are major players. Even so, they all promote animal welfare, they all protests against animals use in research and they all denounce the killing of animals for human benefits.

550x448Créations Jez puts its focused care into every stitch and seam so you can effortlessly carry your look forward.

Synthetic leather manufacturers use synthetic resins such as PVC, a thermoplastic resin also called vinyl to produce leather substitute. Others use PU, also a plastic based material. Vegan leather is called vegan only because of its impact on animals, but the chemicals used to produce it also have a negative impact on our environment. 

550x353Créations Jez believes in a timeless sense of artistry, one rooted in masterful technique and luxurious materials.

Artificial leather apparels are cheaper to produce, less expensive to buy and largely used in upholstery and in clothing and fashion apparel. Yet, synthetic leather is far from being a friendly environmental alternative.

Then again, there are plenty of reasons to be concerned about the all leather apparels making process, especially the tanning process, even though tanneries do their best to reduce their environmental impact. Still, real leather is definitely less harmful to our environment.

550x402Founded by Zeljko Jez, designers and tailors have been crafting exceptional materials into classic styles for more than 35 years.

Authentic all leather apparels cost more than artificial leather, but nothing can be compared to the soft, yet strong texture of real leather. Because leather hides are never exactly the same, each leather garment comes with its unique and natural characteristics.

550x344Zeljko, Eleonora and Diana Jez

Real leather becomes softer over time which makes it more comfortable. When maintained properly, real leather is easy to clean and its strong texture makes it hard-wearing and long-lasting. Last but not least, real leather provides a very luxurious and very prestigious aspect. 

All Leather Apparel Manufacturers

On the one hand, leather garments clothings such as mens leather coats and women leather jackets are products that are still in high demand amid populations with middle and higher incomes.

550x502A classic style with a perfect fit can last you decades into the future.

On the other, many leather apparel manufacturers have abandoned the traditional production methods and only kept high-value added activities such as design, pattern creation and product line planning.

By doing so, leather garments manufacturers are earning recognition for flexibility and for reducing shipping time with small-batch manufacturing, special orders and just-in-time production. 

Designer Fashion Garments Clothing

The making of designer fashion garments and leather garments clothings is always the same. It starts with the garment design by an apparel garment designer and is followed by the cutting, the garment assembly, the moulding and pressing, the final inspection and the quality control. 

Measurements are an important part of any apparel design. Computerised machines grade the designs according to anthropomorphic tables, even if the "average person" is a fallacy for many. In the case of made to measure leather garments clothings, the chest, the sleeves, the natural waistline, the hips and the inseam are properly and accurately measured. 

550x258Créations Jez Inc.

The tanned leather hides are placed on a moving table called spreader. Leather is usually cut one layer at a time. Lining material is cut in the same manner but, because lining is much thinner, it can be placed on the spreader in multiple layers. The table is either run automatically or guided by a human operator. 

The sides of the leather garments clothings are stitched to their back portion and the sleeves are stitched and then attached to the armholes. The fastening of the finishing pieces such as collars, cuffs, pockets, buttonholes, buttons and zippers, varies according to the each of the designer garments. 

The moulding and pressing both give the leather garment its proper form. The work is done using a buck press, that is a machine equipped with controls and gauges that regulate the right amount of steam and pressure. All leather apparels are ultimately inspected by hand, then packed into cartons and shipped. 

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All Leather Apparels by Rachel Louise Barry