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Advertising tools such as print media and digital content are gradually evolving from a simple to a more complex form. Advertising companies now offer many different types of advertising strategies including keyword advertising and internet marketing and advertising.

Essentially, the advertising that works is content marketing accompanied by online advertising. This is one of the reasons why our site, Montreal Kits, is about exclusive and informative digital content and not about advertising strategies.

Visual Advertising Tools

Montreal Kits does offer unique, well-priced custom-designed advertising options to illustrate most of our content pages already online. Pages that are "naked" that is that are without images and contact information from our sponsors. Web page content already popular among search engines but without your images, your logo, your stories and your contact information, at least not yet.

There are many online marketing strategies to promote your employment agency, your insurance company, your retail store... Strategies that may include social media advertising, pay-per-click advertising, mobile advertising, website advertising, e-mail advertising...

Advertising That Works

With Montreal Kits its easy and its simple.

Depending on the length of each of our "naked" web page content we will use the right amount of images from your agency, your manufacture, your store to properly illustrate what will become your page with your images and your contact information.

A web page with content information as close as possible to your preferences and as related as possible to your niche. A web content already dedicated to a manufacturing business, a service business, a merchandising business or any other business connected somehow to your business marketing plan.

Advertising Your Business

Information is our key factor for great content but information alone is not sufficient. Our content must be interesting, relevant and precise, must include facts, or statistics, or analogies, or anecdotes... and must contain images.

The main purpose of our Montreal Kits is to offer interesting, informative and relevant content. Content with valuable and useful information about Montreal and Montrealers and relevant information about the products and the services offered by you our sponsors.

We will insert your logo and your contact information in the right column of what will become your very own page, we will keep in touch with you and we will constantly keep our social media informed about you and your business . 

Needless to say that all the work related to our C>T>P>M that is to our Content that drives Traffic that PREsells and that Monetizes will always remain under our responsibility and our monitoring.

Montreal Kits

Advertising Tools by Rachel Louise Barry